Pearls & Puppies

August 25th, 2015

maria tettamanti

{Haute Hippie blouse, necklace c/o Mary Jane Claverol, Lorraine Schwartz evil eye bracelet}

maria tettamanti


miami fashion blog

Here’s a little sneak peek of my backyard in Miami. Seeing as we’re still in the potty training stage with our toy poodle puppy, Honey, I tend to spend 95% of my day in said yard screaming, “Honey, go number two! Honey, make a pee pee! HONEYYYYYYY, please, I implore you to make a bowel movement before I lose my damn mind!”

Um, why did I get a puppy again?


Okay, okay, it’s not all that bad. Seeing her cuddle with the kids is so sweet. And when Honey’s not sabotaging my rugs, I can always count on her to plop onto my lap and keep me company as I write my work assignments.

Besides, I think it’s fairly important for children to own pets while they’re growing up because they’ll appreciate animals more later on in life and not feel all weird around them like yours truly because my parents were “bird people.” And birds are kinda lame. Not to mention they’re cantankerous. Our cockatiel, Phaidon (of course he was named after a Greek philosopher), was something fierce! I secretly hated him because he would bite and nibble on me as though I were a cob of corn

I mean, we had our fair share of hamsters and rabbits, too, but all they ever did was procreate and poop. Same goes for our guppies and goldfish. So where’s the fun in that? 


Speaking of fun, I’m loving this necklace from designer Mary Jane Claverol. Peppered with pearls and crystals, it makes a bold statement — and Honey loves it, too.  

Photos by Courtney Ortiz

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I’ve Still Got It!

August 23rd, 2015

Mara Hoffman

{Mara Hoffman dress, Affashionado clutch, Raya cuff, Paula Mendoza bracelet, Buried Diamond necklace, Stella & Dot earrings, Mara Hoffman pom pom hair tie}

Maria Tettamanti

Ombre hair


paula mendoza

Mara Hoffman

When the cat’s away…the mice will play. Such was the case in Wordy Girl Land when hubby was in Argentina this past weekend for work. You see, I haven’t had a proper night out with the girls in ages (um, 5 years?) so it was time to rage against the proverbial mommy machine. Abuela hooked it up and kept the kiddos for the night. God bless that woman for granting me peace of mind. And liberty and justice for all. 

Our night commenced at Magnum Lounge — a New York-style piano bar where the karaoke game is strong as is the gay social scene. We straight gals were definitely outnumbered AND IT WAS EPIC. I’m all for one love and let’s just say a lesbian or two hit on us and the whole charade was both hysterical and complimentary. HEY, I’LL TAKE IT. I’m pushing 40… so any form of flattery is an accomplishment. Duh.

After one-too-many vodka sodas (nothing quite like that liquid courage, eh?), the tribe and I headed out to Libertine in Downtown Miami where we danced until my metallic Choos felt like Chinese foot bindings (God bless those lotus-footed geishas). We even discovered a secret room in the back of the club where racy vintage videos played on a loop. #ShadyShit

One of my besties slept over to keep me company because I fear sleeping in an empty home (I blame my addiction to Dateline for this particular phobia). As I drifted asleep in a woozy haze the alarm clock read 3:30 a.m. and I whispered to myself, “I’VE STILL GOT IT!”

Boom. Clap.

 Photos by Courtney Ortiz

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Macarons, Flare Jeans & My First-Ever Handbag Collab!

August 16th, 2015

Mel Boteri

{Macaron print blouse c/o Doll Memories, 7 For All Mankind jeans similar here, Jimmy Choo wedges (old), Aviators by Ray-Ban, Evil eye bracelet by Lorraine Schwartz, Earrings c/o Swarovski, The Wordy Girl Tote c/o Mel Boteri}

Mel Boteri

Mel Boteri

Mel Boteri

Can I just tell you that I’m thrilled/over the moon/in a tizzy that flared jeans are back in style? Yep, the ’70s are back. Trust me on this one. This get-up has a decidedly Mila Kunis in That ’70 Show feel to it, right? As for this silk macaron print blouse — the print is sweet and quirky. Every time I wear it people freak out because who doesn’t DIE for macarons? 

And talk to me about my first ever handbag collaboration! Yep, you read that right — this cobalt blue Mel Boteri bag is named after yours truly. Mel made it just for moi with my initials embossed inside and and all! Adore the oversized tassel detail, too. Obsessed.

So what’s new with you freaks? This past weekend was the first one spent at home and it was much needed. I go to catch up on work and set some new goals for the month. Last night, the husband and I ate at Byblos with some friends and it was beyond. The duck kibbeh were life changing. Isn’t it sad I feel this way about food? I LITERALLY FIND IT LIFE CHANGING. Talk about being a piggy. We also rented an Argentine film called Wild Tales and it’s the best flick I’ve seen in forever — check it out. 

What else? I’m utterly bummed summer is coming to its inevitable end. I’ve been loving waking up at 8 a.m., taking it easy in the mornings, letting the kids sleep well past their bedtime and watching their golf and tennis game grow. 

Now I’m off to Staples armed with my back-to-school supplies shopping list where — not to brag — I’m sure my panic attacks will be on point.


Photos by Courtney Ortiz

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A Spartan in Tartan and a Little Self Help, too

August 11th, 2015

Miami Fashion Blog

{Dress by House of Holland, Bag by Moschino, Sunnies by Céline, Booties by Michael Kors (old) similar here, Earrings c/o Swarovski}

Maria Tettamanti


maria tettamanti

Maria Tettamanti Miami Fashion Blog

Moschino bag

We haven’t had a Velveeta cheese-y heart to heart in the while, kids. I blame the summer and the fact that every weekend I’ve been bouncing around the Bahamas island hopping with my family. Aside from relishing this particular summer more than others, these breaks have also offered me a bounty of Oprah-like Aha! moments — some of which I wanted to share with you.

First of all, I’m an anxious person by nature. I stress over minute matters — not really the big stuff (like my health, finances, relationships, etc. — which is alarmingly odd, really). These piddling “problems” range from things as insignificant as which yogurt brand to buy my husband at the grocery store (does he prefer Chobani or Fage? What flavor AGAIN!?) to cleaning up after our puppy (when on God’s green earth will this poodle NOT piss on my beloved white rug hailing from Persia?) to something as diminutive as my inadeptness to keep any sort of houseplant alive longer than 34 days. Really, really, ridiculously stupid, petty shit — I KNOW. But this is how my brain is wired.

Somehow, while strolling down the infinite beaches I discovered this summer, all the noises in my head were slightly muted. Turned down a few decibels, if you will. I found myself breathing in the salty air in lieu of obsessing over what to cook for dinner. I discovered myself feeling the sand under my feet instead of worrying about my future work assignments. I found myself, shockingly enough, savoring the present and not freaking out over whether or not my kids took their Flinstones vitamin.

In a nutshell, I was living in the moment — focusing on the now and not obsessing over fucking yogurt, dog poo or the withering orchid on our coffee table. Staring out into the boundless sea, I realized I think too much and every moment spent worrying essentially robs me of the present moment.

So now I’m taking what the ocean taught me to heart: I am focusing on the now, paying attention to the concrete little things (birds chirping, the sun kissing my skin) and giving thanks — it’s really important to take stock of just how good we have it.

Life in the moment moves quickly — don’t miss it over something as silly the wrong flavor of Greek yogurt.

Photos by Courtney Ortiz

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The Wordy Girl Takes Baker’s Bay

August 10th, 2015

We got a boat! And it’s radically changed our lives. How so? I’m no longer a golf widow (hooray!), I can werk on my tan on the weekends, I’ve been given a valid reason to day drink on Saturdays, my son is no longer frightened of the ocean and the husband is feeling the #saltlife (which is a feat because he’s a Virgo, an Earth sign, which means he used to be “allergic” to the ocean).

Last weekend, my family, friends and I took our new boat, Finally (we named it that because we finally got a boat!), to the ultra private Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club. Perched in the Sea of Abaco, Bahamas, this resort is brimming with 20 million dollar homes (yes,you read that right), an ultra chic beach club, sprawling grounds, turquoise waters, celebrities (I was sworn to secrecy as to whom), meticulous golf course and my favorite amenity —  “sip sips” (little bungalows brimming with candy, frozen cocktails, hot dogs, sliders and more). 

Enjoy the vlog my friend Gil made of our maiden voyage!

baker's bay club, bahamas


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