E L James Talks Fifty Shades of Grey in Miami — Wide Spread Panic Ensues

April 30th, 2012

{That’s erotica author E L James on the left, folks. Mitchell Kaplan, Owner of Books & Books lead the discussion}

There were enough raging hormones at the E L James appearance at The Biltmore last night to revive a dead sperm whale (because any mammal with the word “sperm” in it seems appropriate for this particular analogy). In town to chat about her best-selling adult romance Fifty Shades trilogy, James packed a ballroom with over 600 sexually charged women (and men) to discuss her overnight fame and the cache behind the Shades sensation. Of note, James recently scored a seven-figure contract with Vintage Books. Ca-ching.

The British author was surprisingly warm, candid and clever and touted the rainy Miami day “as very Seattle and appropriate for today’s book tour.” The notion The Biltmore Hotel is nestled on Anastasia Avenue also brought belly laughs to the author. Yet it was the rowdy, boisterous, uninhibited crowd that shocked me most. The women went NUTS (like, Elvis Presley pandemonium) at the mere nuance of the words “Christian Grey” and “flogger.” One man stood up and shouted, “As a married man, I’d like to thank you (wink, wink) for writing this book.” The crowd went WILD. There were also book clubs by the droves in attendance by the side-splitting names “Shady Ladies” and “Silver Balls.” Hysterical.

The crowd also misbehaved in the sense that many left the conversation early to line up outside to meet James afterward and get their books signed. Note to guests: This is straight-up rude. Your sneaking out in front of host was embarrassing for those of us who stayed the entire appearance. Look up the word “couth” in a dictionary. Thanks.

Here are some cool pointers James shared with us:

“Shades was inspired by the Twilight trilogy. That’s why it’s set in the United States’ Seattle. It took me six months to write each novel.”

“Christian Grey is based on a real person. Last I heard, he was in South Africa.”

Shades is not about sex. It’s a love story — that’s how I see it.”

“I am very much involved with the making of the movie — but I can’t tell you who is playing Christian because I will get into a lot of trouble!”

“I made the covers of my books discreet so nobody knows you’re reading something really, really naughty.”

“I plan on writing more novels after my book tour.”

{The line to get your book signed by James. Cray.}

James signed copies of her book with the words “Laters Baby,” an homage to her novels. For the music mentioned in her trilogy, just go to her website and tune in. Be warned: kinky, submissive sex may ensue.

{My Shady ladies: Christy, Allyson, moi, Luli and Allana}

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Andy Cohen Coming to Miami!

April 28th, 2012

And in today’s “mazel” department I’ve got BIG NEWS pee-poll: Andy Cohen is coming to Miami on May 17 at 8 p.m. at Books & Books Coral Gables for an appearance. Bloop! (Say that last line like NeNe Leakes would.) You don’t need a ticket to get in, just come early. This news is HUGE. It makes my heart sing a Jack Johnson song. It makes me want to run to the nearest mountain (a sand dune on SoBe, perhaps?) and SCREAM to my fellow Bravo buffs that ANDY COHEN WILL BE HERE IN THE BREATHING FLESH. Like, the REAL Andy Cohen. Like, not on le tee-vee in the Bravo Clubhouse Andy Cohen. And not some creepy Madame Tussuads wax figure, either. He will be alive.

Ok, I’m bordering on Buffalo Bill creepiness. My apologies. Anyhoo, if you, too, want to meet the man behind the intellectually stimulating Real Housewives franchise, hit up Books & Books in the Gables for his free personal appearance. Andy will be chatting about his new book Most Talkative, will profess his undying love for The Wordy Girl and possibly propose marraige to moi — even if he’s gay. I may have made some of that up. It happens.

{Andy’s book. You know I’m reading this dishy tome.}

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Pink Piggies

April 27th, 2012

Psst: I have a confession. Whenever I see a woman with jacked-up toenails (you know the look — long, uneven and yellow-hued nails), I A) Mentally give them the stankeye and B) Subliminally message them to get a pedi ASAP. In other words, I stay quiet and nice as pie but am secretly cringing inside like those creepy Gremlins do when they get wet. Or eat pizza past 12. Which one is it again?

I like to keep my piggies polished in fun colors. Pictured here is Essie’s Mod Squad — one of my summer faves. So please, as the weather heats up and you find yourself wearing Havaianas from dawn till dusk, get your feet did. Because no one likes Barney Rubble feet. Not even Betty Rubble.

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Kiss My Pale Pink Lips

April 27th, 2012

Blame it on Lady Gaga. Blame it on the cosmetic big guns for creating another MUST HAVE gimmick. Blame it on your offbeat aunt that hawks Mary Kay. Blame it on the full moon (I made that one up), but I’m totally feeling the matte pale pink lipstick trend. Here I am wearing a smattering of MAC Cosmetics’ Snob. Worn day or night, I think it looks pretty sick. What do you think?

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Fashion Bloggers Night Out at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables Recap

April 26th, 2012

{Halston Heritage dress, Prada calf hair pumps, Chanel bag}

First off, I’m absolutely flabbergasted by last night’s HUGE turnout at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables for the Fashion Bloggers Night Out event. I’m a veteran event goer and the amount of gorgeously dressed gals and guys who showed up last night was truly astounding and made my heart smile. A big ups to EVERYONE who came out. For reals.

Here’s the panel: Maria Arguello, Jenny Lopez, Kar Gar, moi, Ginger Harris and Annie Vazquez. The evening kicked-off with our fashion blogger panel where we discussed the key factors to blogging which can be best summed up as: Finding your voice, nailing down a web domain NOW, using Google Analytics as a tool to gauge your audience, utilizing social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram) to promote your blog, staying true to yourself and integrity (don’t write about something if you don’t LOVE it pr feel passionate about it), keep it professional at ALL times (dress the part, act the part) and create at least one post a day.

The panel was followed by a Spring fashion show by Neiman Marcus. Look at all those guests! The big trends? Yellow is the new neutral, pops of neons are still here, tribal prints are de rigueur, printed jeans rock and Christian Louboutin is still the reigning bad ass of heels (as if I had to point that out).

I also need to stress and point out that the crowd unabashedly broke the myth that “Miami girls are cheesy.” I spotted sartorially savvy women and men for as far as the naked eye could see. My fave look was fellow blogger Steffy Kuncman. Talk to me about how she mixes man repelling socks and loafers, shorts and porgie pie hat with aplomb. I want to kidnap Steffy and adopt her as my own. Sshhhhhh…

Lastly, props to Katharine Rubino from Neiman Marcus Coral Gables, Perrier, Paulina’s Pops, Peroni, Flash Candy Pop Up Studio, Kathy’s Kakery and frigging fab DJ duo Ess & Emm for dropping some next-level beats. Most importantly, thanks to all who came out to support us. Love you more than I love my matching luggage.

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