Miami H&M Pop-Up Shop Look Du Jour

May 31st, 2012

{Urban Outfitters shirt, Paige Premium Denim jeans, Jimmy Choo wedges, Hunting Season handbag, Caja Jewelry nameplate}

H&M maniacs, this post is for you. No, not because I’m wearing the label (alert: I’m not a fan of this retail giant. I’m a “quality, not quantity type of gal” — sue me, judgey types) but  TODAY The Wordy Girl is previewing the H&M Pop-Up Shop which opens Friday, June 1 to the public. Think of the temporary shop as a preview of things to come when the official store opens on Lincoln Road this September 2012. The addy of the Pop-Up Shop? 1669 Meridian Avenue. Again, it opens June 1 at noon until September 2012.

Actually, local Sean Drake sums up this buzzy event the best and says, “The hipster apocalypse will be at the H&M pop up store this Friday. I haven’t seen so much excitement in SoFla since the opening of the first American Apparel store.”

Love that dude. Anyhoo, pictured here is the outfit I’m wearing to today’s media preview. I’m so obsessed with this Urban Outfitters top and Hunting Season handbag it’s not even FUNNY. It’s actually SCARY. Enjoy the Pop-Up Shop, freaks!

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My Look in a Nutshell

May 30th, 2012

{Rachel Pally dress, Forever 21 cardi, Chanel jumbo classic bag, Prada wedges, Tom Ford sunnies}

Whenever I’m not feeling inspired or just have a gnarly case of the mehs, I can always count of this striped Rachel Pally number to do the trick. The pic above basically sums up my everyday uniform — a blend of high and low labels — classic with a punch of color. Throw in some sick wedges and I’m good to go. What’s your go-to look? Inquiring minds want to know!

Photo by Vas Andy

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Cheap Thrills: Band-Aid Brand Beach Kit by Cynthia Rowley

May 29th, 2012

{Surf, sand and water, meet your new BFF: The new Cynthia Rowley designer waterproof Band-Aids}

With fashion-forward Band-Aids on the market like the above, someone shank me! Ok, a paper cut will do. As will a prick from a pesky rose’s thorn. Or a tiny razor cut. WTF? WHY WOULD I DARE ASK SOMEONE TO STAB ME? Clearly, I’ve been watching far too much Locked Up Abroad. I blame the husband. Anyhoo, talk to me about the cuteness that is this $12 cheap thrill. I mean, come ON.

Cynthia Rowley manages to make drab band-aids, well, FAB, yet again (this is her second rodeo). This time, she’s heading to the beach (how Miami!) for inspiration with adorbz shark, jellyfish, sunset and zipper creations. The line of 20 bandages are 100% waterproof and now come inside a Beach Sport Kit which includes Neosporin To Go (um, genius!). Like the previous collab with Band-Aid Brand, these goodies can only be bought on Cynthia’s site and on Amazon. Here’s the whole kit and kaboodle, kids…

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Shoe Porn: Jean-Michel Cazabat

May 28th, 2012

{Jean-Michel Cazabat gladiators, Essie polish in Nice is Nice}

When it comes to shoes, I’m from the school of thought which vehemently believes: The flatter, the better. The whackier, the better. And rhinestones always prevail! So these Jean-Michel Cazabats above fit the bill to a T. These sandals speak volumes to the Greek girl in me (don’t they look Spartan-meets-Swarovski?) with a penchant for anything bedazzled.

If there’s anything you kids should learn from the post it’s this nugget of advice — throw away the notion, “The higher the heel, the better.” Flats can be waaaay sexier than stilettos any day of the week. Often times, I see heels on gals which are best left at the corner strip joint. So invest in some sick flats if you haven’t already — they’ll be your go-to summer shoe and don’t require pole dance lessons.

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The Must-Have Clutch: Hunting Season

May 25th, 2012

{Alexis romper, Hunting Season makeup bag, Noir octopus ring, Rolex watch}

How may-jor is this neon pink python Hunting Season bag? I’m so obsessed it’s Ka-Ray. (“Ka-Ray” is code for more crazy than “cray” if that makes any friggin’ sense.) Priced at $250 this snakeskin makeup bag also doubles as a clutch and comes in literally 732 bespoke colors. Okay, I made up the 732 part, but there’s still a smorgasbord of colors to choose from. See?

If you want to scoop up one for yourself, text my girl Marilyn at (305) 431-6284 and she’ll hook a sister up. If you’re looking for a palette that goes with everything, I suggest the natural snake version. I own that one too! Duh.

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