Sayonara, 2012. The Wordy Girl highlights the most unconventional trends of 2012.

December 30th, 2012

{Cray colored hair and geek chic frames}

Blame Kelly Osbourne, Katy Perry or Christina Aguilera but questionably colored hair was totally in for 2012. I even succumbed to this mane event with some purple extensions. As for nerdy specs, I along with the entire Miami Heat team, sported geek chic frames eventhough I boast 20/20 vision. What a dork. I know.

{Smut is so now. Thanks, E.L. James}

While I’m not one to brag, I called out Fifty Shades of Grey as a must read back in Marchbefore the horny hullabaloo that was the Fifty Shades shitstorm even started brewing. Yes, it’s no J.D. Salinger or F. Scott Fitzgerald tome, but it’s nice to know whips, floggers (I had to Google that one, too) salacious sex and well-hung men with a propensity for pornish shenanigans have a home in the literary world.

{I blame Isabel Marant for the wedge sneaker trend}

This trend drove me to drink. Literally. Like a good Miami girl on Caribbean time, I bought my first pair of Marants last week when my boy Carlos from Neiman Marcus called me with the earth-shattering news that he had some elusive black Bekkets in stock. Like he was harboring some shady illicit substance with magical properties. Like, if I didn’t buy them from him, they would vanish into ether. Poof. Love-it-or-hate-it, I bought a pair of wedge dunks. I’m still on the fence about this one, too, but WHATEVER, THESE SHOES ARE LIKE SPARKLY UNICORNS…spellbinding and shit.

{Nail art: Where Sponge Bob and Polka Dots co-exist in harmony}

How did something so tacky become so cool? Suddenly, inexplicably, nail art traveled from the garish fringes to the fashion runways and infiltrated the mainstream, thanks to new kits, stencils, stickers, and special-effects polish. When it came to nail art, the crazier the better — from tacos to pizza to Angry Birds to watermelons — I’ve seen it all. Literally.

{And now for a trend the Grim Reaper would approve of}

In case you haven’t gotten the memo yet (and trust me, I miss memos all the time — namely ones from the husband): Skull and spike motifs killed it in 2012. Macabre symbols of death adorned everything from jeans to jewelry. The end result? Drop-dead gorgeous.

What was your favorite offbeat trend from  2012 or what am I missing from my list? Dish, darlings…




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The Pink Marilyn

December 26th, 2012

{Alice and Olivia dress from Saks Bal Harbour, Jimmy Choo platforms, Felix Rey clutch}


With Christmas behind us, I’ve got New Years on the brain. I plan on ringing in 2013 at a friend’s house party because New Years Eve on Miami Beach is always an outright shitshow. Plus, I’m grossly allergic to the stereotypical South Beach crowd — you know the characters in this melodrama — slimy guys who wear aviators indoors (because it’s so bright inside nightclubs these days) popping bottles and acting all P. Diddy while the girls wear 3-sizes-too-small dresses and throw good judgement and their panties to the wayside for a free cocktail.

I think I’m done venting now. I must be getting my Aunt Flow. That was cathartic.

With that said, I’ll be wearing this electric coral Alice and Olivia chiffon number I dubbed “The Pink Marilyn” because it has a decidedly 1950s feel and I’d like to think Monroe would have rock this frock, too. The added bonus? It’s super comfy and exudes a this-chick-is-going-to-dance-until-she-can’t vibe. Because here’s what’s on the agenda: Dance, bubbly, repeat.

What are your New Years plans? Dish!

 Photos by Soula Pefkaros

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Dear Santa, Hook Me Up

December 23rd, 2012

{Alexander McQueen keychain}

{Chloé Susanna studded booties}

{Rick Owens moto jacket}


{Sydney Evans love necklace}

{Proenza Schouler PSI Medium Lux bag in Purple Rain}

{Del Toro slippers}


Dear Santa,

Let’s just make this easy. Our lives are cray enough. No lengthy letters to the North Pole necessary. No sitting on your children’s-germ-infested lap at the mall needed. I’m just going to prudently place my Christmas list here because that’s the 2012 thing to do, yeah?

First off, I would love for you to procure this no-longer-in-production/impossible to find/not on eBay Alexander McQueen keychain for me. I’ve Googled this item to death and have come up with nada. A wild goose chase. It’s a phantom. Poof. Gone. You could probs dig one up on Canal Street but I don’t do Canal Sheet so this is going to be an epic challenge. Either way, be a peach and place this UNATTAINABLE item (emphasis on the “unattainable” part) under the tree.

Next up? Chloé Susanna studded booties. Size 40. I know, I know, my feet are so channeling Sasquatch. Hit up Saks, Chubby cherry-cheeked Man. They’re sitting pretty next to the Miu Mius and Choos.

I’d also cut a bitch for a Rick Owens moto jacket. Every time I see my imaginary BFF Rachel Zoe snuggle up in hers, a pang of heated jealousy sears through my heart and it actually hurts. It’s, like, a travesty.

I need a Sydney Evans love necklace in my life. It’s just so dainty and pretty and delicate and me. Same goes for the Proenza Schouler PSI bag in Purple Rain. The color of this bag is not only named after one of Prince’s best songs EVER but the hue is the most perfect shade of purple. I mean, I would make out with this color if it were a person if that makes any sense (WHICH IT TOTALLY DOES).

Lastly, I’ve been shoe lusting for some Del Toro slippers for eons now and these pink-and-popsicles ones are legit. But it would be super cool squared if you had one of your overworked elves tweak ’em to read “Wordy” on one and “Girl” on the other.

And yes, I know I’ve been bad this year. Like, epic-ly bad. But I can ‘splain. If you have a modicum of forgiveness, hook this mother up. I pinky prom prom to behave better in 2013.


The Wordy Girl

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Handbag Giveaway!

December 19th, 2012

{This patent leather Tabelina clutch could be yours! Read on…}

We all know I have a handbag “problem.” As in I spend far too much of my hard-earned flow on the very item that is supposed to protect and hold my hard-earned flow. Which is an oxymoron of sorts, but now I’m going off on a tangent  and I need to focus (suck it, ADD).  The sweet peeps at Tabelina sent yours truly the above adorable clutch (how darling is the dragonfly detail?) and some other goodies (look for them in future posts) and with the holiday spirit flowing through my being I’m giving one away to you freaky kids. With that said, winning is easy. Like, my 5-year-old could do this:

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Leave a comment below — be creative!

Winner chosen on Christmas day!


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Mara Hoffman and More 50% Off Sale!

December 18th, 2012

{The Wordy Girl wants Mara Hoffman at 50% off, you?}

WHAT: Splash Boutique 50 percent off sale at Loews Miami Beach Hotel

WHEN:  Friday, December 21 & Saturday, December 22 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

WHERE: Splash Pop-up Clearance Store at the St. Moritz Building at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, 1601 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach; (305) 604-1601

HOW:  Self parking across the street at the municipal garage, valet park at prevailing rates

WHY: Scoop up brands such as Lacoste men’s and ladies, Mara Hoffman, Custo Barcelona, Amanda Uprichard, Cynthia Vincent, BCBG, Diane Von Furstenberg 
and OndaDemar Swimwear at 50 percent off. Um, total no brainer. Call in sick, freaks.

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