Look, it’s Granny’s Curtains!

January 30th, 2013

{3.1 Phillip Lim floral-print silk pant available here, tank and blazer from Saks Bal Harbour, Christian Louboutin heels, Chanel classic bag, Ray-Ban sunnies}

“Honey, you simply cannot wear this entire ensemble together…it’s too much,” Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour Club Salesman Rafael scoffs.

“I’m a glutton for ‘too much.’ I’m taking it all, dude,” I fight back with a laugh.

So here I am in…in a head-to-toe floral print channeling your grandma’s sofa from the ’70s and you know what? I LOVE it. Phillip Lim killed it with his latest Cruise collection of silky pieces swathed in a print inspired by his NYC garden.

What do you think…too much? Or the right stuff?

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Reading This May Cause Miracles

January 28th, 2013

{I like to journal in my personalized Maybook}

Yes, I’m quirky and fashion obsessed, but I also strongly feel that there should be deeper takeaways from my blog.  There’s a place for higher conversation here, so to speak. I would never want you to think my sole intention here is for you to buy this! Or wear that! Or hair extensions rule! You catch my drift? Of course you do. You’re a smart cookie.

You see, during 2012 a series of people and events entered my life, which in some magical way, created radical change. How so? Friend and local self help coach Nikki Novo asked me to teach how-to blogging workshops to locals and that spiraled into something far bigger and we launched our own biz, Working Girls. Then, personal trainer Massi Miranda started coaching me and we have forged a tight friendship, a tighter tush and a healthier relationship with food. Then, The Standard Hotel hired me to blog on their behalf and I’ve been exposed to a holistic way of living and a new lease on spirituality. More goodness has happened but you get the crux of what I’m saying. Sometimes, the smallest changes can create a quantum shift.

So I had the pleasure of meeting “Spirit Junkie” and self-help author Gabby Bernstein last week for a speaking engagement for her third book May Cause Miracles at The Standard and here are a few ideas that resonated with me and will affect your life in a mammoth manner.

Subtle changes in your life will, in effect, cause dramatic change. For example, I was freaking out on my kids regularly (Greeks tend to SCREAM even when we should be using our “indoor voices”). I had to be the change. Not them. Realizing this notion was huge. So before having a mommy meltdown, I now try to be mindful — I take a deep, collective breath before going crazy on my kids. Said breath usually calms me down and better parenting skills follow. Ommmmm.

Follow your intuition (it’s always right!) and surround yourself with positive people. Feeling that there are social vampires in my life is a tough pill for me to swallow. Cutting them out is even harder and a work in progress. Frenemies are like ticks, they cling on, suck the life out of you and won’t let go!  But the takeaway here is follow your gut.  If someone in your life feels remotely shady, they most likely are. So listen to the little voices in your head. They are always right (damn them)! And frankly, bad juju is worst than having the flu. And it’s highly contagious like the clap.

When it comes to your professional life, ask for more. Ask for that promotion. Ask for more money. Ask for additional work. Ask for that corner office with a view. Ask, ask, ask! Don’t be scared. It takes gumption and chutzpah to succeed in the business world. I’m always shocked when I kindly question a pay raise and the client says YES. But if you never ask, you’ll never get more. And I used to ask with my tail between my legs, but I now know my self worth and inquire with a profound sense of confidence.

The Law of Attraction works. Everyone always asks me, “Why are you always so happy?” And the answer is quite simple. I feel that I’m lucky. I manifest positive goals. I treat people with respect. I smile all the time. I try not to complain. I tell myself EVERY DAY that I deserve the best. What you put out is what you get. Plain and simple. That’s powerful stuff!

♥ I am flawed. No one is perfect. Duh! I used to suffer from crippling anxiety attacks. I hate large crowds. I can’t stand judge-y people. I can’t stomach friends on their phones during an entire meal. I despise my muffin top. There’s always room for improvement. But being in tune with my imperfections is just as important as being in alignment with my strengths. I now avoid the very situations that cause me stress and unhappiness. Oftentimes, it takes knowing what you dislike to lead you on the path to happiness.

So inquiring minds want to know… What goal/goals are YOU manifesting for 2013?

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Win a Trip to France! Seriously.

January 25th, 2013

Kids, listen up. The Wordy Girl is taking place in a challenge this Sunday and I’m in it to win it! Here is the deal-io: Pavan wants to bring you and a friend on a 4-day trip to France to explore Paris and the French Riviera! I know, such a totally life changing experience, think of all the clothes and the French food, sexy people and art..…oh j’adore!

OK, so this is the part where you help me help you…You see, I’m competing against five smart, stylish, cute bloggers in a blogging extravaganza AKA bloody social media wrestling death match. Well not really, but kinda. It’s called: Pavan Hits Miami Style Mafia.

All you have to do is go to Pavan’s Facebook page and drop my name. If I get major votes I will be sent to NYC to go to Fashion Week! When YOU vote, you’ll be automatically entered in a random drawing for a chance to win the amazing trip for two to Paris and the French Riviera. True Story.

So here is the dummy-proof link to vote: HERE.

Vote! Vote! Vote! Bisous.

Please note: I have been compensated by Pavan Liqueur for making these statements regarding its products.

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Electric Orange

January 22nd, 2013

{Rebecca Taylor sweater from Saks Bal Harbour, Seven jeans, Rebecca Minkoff clutch, Ray-Ban sunnies}

{Jimmy Choo platforms}

Anyone who truly “knows” me knows that my go-to outfit is a pair of skinny jeans and fresh-to-death heels. There’s something to be said of such a simple uniform and for me, it works wonders. As for this colorblock sweater…can you say, “obsessed”? I love the combination of electric orange and beige of this baseball sweater — it’s so unpredictable yet so right.

Photos by Soula Pefkaros

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Read! Give! Grow! At The Gap with Me!

January 16th, 2013


As an avid reader and the Gap fanatic, I’m really stoked to announce this huuuge blog collaboration with you all. The fine folk at babyGap sweetly asked yours truly to read The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit on Saturday, January 26 at 11 a.m. at babyGap Cocowalk (3015 Grand Avenue, Coconut Grove).

I invite you to hop on over and bring your kids (mine will be there!) as snacks and kiddie activities will be in order. Also, in partnership with Milk + Bookies, I ask you to please donate gently used books for others to enjoy as all books will be donated to our local Boys & Girls Club. Hope to see you and your munchkins there!

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