Denim Daze

March 27th, 2013

denim evite

I love jeans. I adore Saks. So when they asked me to join in a styling event with fellow bloggirls Annie Vazquez and Kelly Saks, I was, like, over-the-moon because:

1) Can a gal really ever own enough pairs of jeans? (NO!!)

2) It’s Spring Break and my kids want out of the house (YES!)

I hope to see you all at Saks Bal Harbour on the Second Floor on Thursday, March 28 from 4 to 7 p.m. This event is open to the public and sweets, sips and beats are in order — plus you can peep the mannequins Kelly, Annie and I have styled à la Rachel Zoe.



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You Know You Want This Tee

March 25th, 2013


{Feel the Piece by Tyler Jacobs Cray tee similar here, 7 for all Mankind boyfriend jeans available here, Isabel Marant Bekket sneakers available here, Balenciaga motorcycle bag similar here, Ray-Ban sunnies}



{The purple hair extension is back. As are the cysts on my chin.}

The burning desire to go to Ultra in a full-on COSTUME. The need to drive at top speeds when alone (and score not one, but TWO speeding tickets in the last month alone). The purple hair extension is back because I felt I lacked “edge.” I reserved a miniature labradoodle pup and named her Madonna (for now until the husband craps on that BRILLIANT idea, too). My body is sagging in unfathomable places. My mood changes 325 times a day. Did I mention I’m considering a solo trip to INDIA?

Clearly, I’m having a quarter-life crisis of epic proportions. Which I hear is quite common for 36-year-old (even happily) married women with kids.

Without sounding like a whiny little betch (because they are the worst kind of humans),  sometimes I feel, well, overwhelmed and majorly stressed out over the littlest things.  I oftentimes find myself taking on too many projects, which invariably cause me to not enjoy the moment and my free time when the kids are away at school. Lately, I feel like my best isn’t good enough. I feel guilty. I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of deadlines and messy drawers and cluttered closets. Not all the time, but often enough to warrant a post on my present melodramatic psyche.

In other words, I’m merrily CRAY. As in, don’t call the psycho ward just yet. I’m just in tune with my sentiments and being honest with you freaks. So this tee from Singer22 suits me well right about now.

But I’m okay with it.

In an effort to reel in this out-of-control sentiment, I’m saying NO to projects I don’t love. I’m creating to-do lists. I’m manifesting calmness. I’m cooking one new dish a week. I’m meditating with Massi more. I’m putting away the iPhone when the kids are home. I picked up my journal after a two-year hiatus and seeing where my stream-of-consciousness entries take me.

Do you ever feel cray? Or am I alone? Um, please tell me I’m not alone…







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Epic Last Call Neiman Marcus Shoe Sale This Week

March 24th, 2013

Last Call Neiman marcus

{I so had to procure these buttery blue Balenciagas, OBVI}




{She’s a lady after my own heart}


{Charlotte Olympias}

Chanel{Chanels galore}

Valentino{Valentinos, too!}

last Call shoe sale

This Wednesday, tell your boss you caught the Ebola virus. Lie to your manager and tell ‘em you contracted a deadly case of Montezuma’s Revenge. Tell your kiddos mommy needs a time-out or she’ll have an EPIC meltdown. Give your husband a deep-tissue back massage. Beg your dad for some early birthday dough. You know, do whatever it takes to make it to any Last Call Neiman Marcus store nationwide because on Wednesday, March 27 at 9 a.m., there’s a super duper DESIGNER SHOE SALE, SHOE FREAKS (prices marked down up to 50%). For those of you in Miami, that means Sawgrass Mills or Dolphin Mall locations. Yep, scoop up Christian Louboutins, Blahniks, YSLs and Pradas for next-to-nada. Psst: Get to the stores early and wear your helmet — there’s a line. Every. Single. Time. And people go b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Thanks to gal pal, Lorena, I was privy to the pre-sale over the weekend at the Sawgrass Mills store where I spotted the above bad boys in the shape of Chanel, Tom Ford, Valentino, YSL, Christian Louboutin and more. I scored the electric blue Balenciagas and leopard-print Charlotte Olympias. What’s on your must-have list?



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Loco For Coco

March 21st, 2013



Maria Tettamanti at Chanel Bal Harbour

{Chanel jacket, Rebecca Minkoff blouse, Alvin Valley pants, Chanel handbag, Jimmy Choo heels, Chanel bag, earrings and watch}

Chanel vinatge earrings

{Vintage Chanel earrings}

Tweed Chair

{Custom Chanel tweed chair and my new blue boyfriend}

Chanel Fashion Division President Barbara Cirvka

{Chanel Fashion Division President Barbara Cirvka and moi}


{Swarovski encrusted buck}


{Her name tag says it all. Really.}

The word “iconic” is so overplayed but when it comes to fashion, the House of Chanel is the very definition of the word. Period. End of story.

Coco’s timeless little black jacket, classic handbag and feminine pearl necklaces remain the most coveted pieces in any woman’s wardrobe and Karl Lagerfeld continues the legacy. And with aplomb.

When the Parisian brand (you go, Vanessa Leitman) reached out to invite me to the newly redesigned boutique in Bal Harbour (open to the public today) and the VIP dinner at JG Grill, I was, as you can very well imagine, over-the-moon. As the only fashion blogger in attendance at the private dinner, the night was pure magic compliments of free-flowing bubbly, living pink orchids as far as the eye could see, amazing people watching (who knew Barbara Becker could salsa so good!?) and gregarious conversation.

As for the new store…it’s MAJOR. Chanel Fashion Division President Barbara Cirkva tells me, “The boutique is inspired by Coco’s apartment in Paris.” With that said, architect Peter Marino added nuances like a Marc Swanson blinged-out sitting buck, tweed-covered furnishings and leather-quilted pillows. Coco’s beloved white camellia flowers also pepper the space. I bought a strand of pearls to remember the special evening and all guests were gifted a black-and-white Chanel logo pareo — both are welcomed additions to my closet.

And while the night was filled with Miami’s jetset, influencers and taste-makers, my favorite moment happened to be when I asked Barbara what my mysterious fashion hero, Karl (AKA The Gloved One), is really like. I even confessed I was downright scared of him…talk about TMI.

“Maria, don’t be intimidated by him! He is the consummate gentleman and he’s brilliant,” Barbara says.

Brilliant, indeed.




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My Day With (Total Hottie) Oribe

March 19th, 2013

Maria Tettamanti Miami fashion Blogger{Equipment Riley Tee available here, J Brand jeans, Jimmy Choo patent leather wedges available here, Chanel tote, Ray-Ban mirrored sunnies available here}

Oribe{Celebrity hair stylist Oribe}

Balyage{Balayage AKA “hair painting” is of the moment}

I’m a hair fanatic. With that said, I’ve been an Oribe obsessionist since his heydays styling the real supermodels of our time — Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista. I’ve oohed and aahed over his infinite Vogue covers and salivated every time J. Lo hit a red carpet styled by him. So when offered a day with the shear genius, I basically fainted, went to hair heaven and got my shit together.

First off, this silver fox has swag and good looks for days, so I obviously proposed marriage found it rather difficult to concentrate on our conversation about his Cuban roots, his aspirations to act, and how he hit the big time in New York. “Miami is home for me — it’s where my salon is and it’s what keeps me grounded,” Oribe says. When not jetting off to L.A. to tame Mariah Carey’s mane for American Idol or flying to Milan for the newest Dolce & Gabbana campaign, Oribe can be found on South Beach with his three dogs (all some form of the poodle breed) and partner — or at his namesake Lincoln Road-based salon now in its 18th year.

Oribe gave me a haircut (yes, as in the dude that just styled Heidi Klum for the Oscars!) as we chatted about his affinity for suspenders, koi tattoos and his next big project, Backstage: La Fama. He then passed me on to colorist Sharon Torres who is a boss at  balayage (hair painting).

The end result? A massive crush, a broken heart and great hair. Hair so good, it hurts.

Oribe, 1627 Euclid Avenue, Miami Beach; (305) 538-8768.



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