May 3rd, 2016

maria tettamanti

{Mara Hoffman top & pants, Tory Burch sandals, Earrings c/o The Nomadic Collector, Céline sunnies, Pitusa handbag, Lorraine Schwartz evil eye bracelet}

miami fashion blog

ombre hair

mara hoffman


miami fashion blogger

This top and pants…well, they scream of Santorini vibes and make me want to jump up and dance in a loop like a good Greek girl. Opa! Don’t I sound all chipper and happy right now?

Well, it’s because I am!

So, I took Nikki‘s advice and I have zero plans for the next month. I’m creating space. No hosting events. No attending events. No meetings-that-should-be-an-email meetings. No media dinners. Nada. Zilch. A big, fat nothing. And you know what? I FEEL GREAT ABOUT IT.

Plans, you ask? Here goes in no particular order:

  1. Read smut. You see, I’ve read some seriously amazing novels lately (seek out The Invisible Bridge, The Nightingale & The Kitchen House) and all were beyond, but all were simultaneously depressing as fuck. So I need some good ol’ mindless summer reading in my life. Something sexy. Something that makes me laugh out loud like an episode of Broad City.
  2. Journal more. Dudes, I picked up my journal last night and my last entry is dated Feb. 22, 2013. Twenty-thirteen! WTF, Maria? That’s downright criminal. No wonder I’m on the brink of psychotic meltdown every 23 days…I need to write that shit down to be all Zen and stuff. Duh, you dummy.
  3. Take up a new hobby. Because adult coloring books and latch hook are too vanilla. And basic bitch.
  4. Learn how to meditate. This is the Big Kahuna of them all. I need some natural Xanax in my life. I cave presence. Several friends tell me I should take up Kundalini Yoga so I’m giving it a stab this week. Now, wouldn’t you love to be a fly on that wall for that train wreck? 

Do you have any goals? Dish! 

Photos by Karla Garcia

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You Da Mom!

April 29th, 2016


{Timo Weiland chambray dress, Aquazzura heels, Céline sunnies, Hermès Birkin 35, Earrings/bracelets/watch/Mama Pendant, Bear Pendant c/o TOUS


hermes birkin


Ah, Mother’s Day. Mix up some mimosas! Bust out the fine china! Or just stay in bed until noon like I do. Yep, Mother’s Day is the one day out of the calendar year where we mamas all over the globe get carte blanche to do as we please. My family typically gathers together for an asado (Argentine bar-b-q), but this year we’re going to mix it up and brunch at Faena Hotel — my new jam because it’s so different and over-the-top glam. 

As for Mother’s Day gifting ideas, how precious are the TOUS jewels featured in my #OOTD (that’s “outfit of the day” for you hashtag non-fluent types) above? Several are from the Spanish label’s Tender Moments collection which boasts the sweetest necklaces with saying such as “mama love.” They’re the perfect gift for any mother and I’m obsessed with my mother of pearl pendant. And can we talk about how Gwyneth Paltrow is the face of the campaign? Yeah, Gwynee is my everything because I’ve had a girl crush on her ever since Great Expectations… and the fact she has the chutzpah to name her kid Apple (arguably to most offbeat name there ever was) makes her even cooler in my book. 

So if you’re stumped on what to buy your mom or yourself for Mother’s Day, check out the TOUS Tender Moments collection here. Like Gwyneth in the video above, it’s perfection.

Photos by World Red Eye

**This is a sponsored post from TOUS. All opinions are my own.**

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She Talks To Angels

April 25th, 2016

Maria Tettamanti

{Romper (on sale!) c/o Hale Bob, Balenciaga handbag, Valentino gladiators, Christian Dior sunnies, Vince Camuto hat (on sale!), Necklace c/o Taudrey}


{I love how this 3-disk charm can be personalized with special dates and names}

Nikki Novo

{That ray of light (my guardian angel, perhaps?) between me and Nikki is majestic as hell}

In typical Pisces (Read: psychotic) fashion, I was on the brink of a mental breakdown last month and blogged about it here. I was struggling with that whole work-life balance thing all mothers tussle with on a daily basis. It just so happened my dear friend/Miami-based life coach and energy healer Nikki Novo serendipitously read the post and reached out to me and the conversation went something like this:

NIKKI: “Maria, your body is out of whack. Can I come over and give you an angel reading and energy healing session?”

ME: “Um, does Kylie Jenner have an unhealthy obsession with lip fillers? YES. Come over!”

The morning of the reading I was anxious and jittery. But Nikki has this really soothing quality about her (which oftentimes makes me wonder if she’s on a constant intravenous drip of Xanax) and the moment she asked me to lie down on my couch and played some New Age-y type tunes (Enya?), I was chill like a 7-Eleven Slurpee (that may be the worst metaphor in the history of metaphors but DEAL WITH IT).

For 45 minutes, our song and dance went something like this: She asked me questions. I confessed my fears. I bitched and complained about how uninspired and empty I was feeling as of late. I told her I worry about my kids and some of their peculiar behaviors. She talked to my Guardian Angel and the spirits of my long-gone relatives (creepy yet dope). I cried. She repeated mantras to me. I laughed. I was all Zen and shit.

After all was said and done, I was — wait, wait for it — CALM and enlightened. Emphasis on the “enlightened” part. Nikki helped me wrap my head around several crucial roadblocks in my life. Here were some of the takeaways from our special meeting — beliefs I hope will benefit you just in case you feel as though you’re on the Crazy Train, too:

1.) It’s safe to relax. It’s okay to relax. Personally, I felt unproductive if my calendar wasn’t teeming with meetings/lunches/coffees/interviews. It’s perfectly safe to sit back and see where the wind takes me. 

2.) Allow yourself space. Especially space in your schedule. For me, this equates to no more meaningless events. No more energy-draining appointments. No more taking up space for things that do not feed my soul. 

3.) Pay attention to new creative ventures. Be open to dabbling out of your comfort zone. This is where the good stuff happens!

4.) It’s okay to say “no.” Saying “no” will, in effect, leave more space to feed your soul!

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Home Freeeeeee

April 18th, 2016

miami fashion blog

{Nightwalker dress, Earrings c/o The Nomadic Collector, Chain necklace and star necklace c/o Taudrey, Céline sunnies, Stalacite ring c/o Uncommon Goods}

nightwalker dress


maria tettamanti


revolve clothing

Hola, amigos! These pics were snapped in my uber tropical backyard in Miami and let me tell you — after 4 swift days in Milan, Italy, well, it’s good to be home. The reason for my trip to Milano, you ask? I tagged along with my husband who was there to work with the Armani team as his latest development is Residences by Armani Casa in Sunny Isles, Florida. Shameless plug, I know! DEAL WITH IT. 

I fancy myself quite fashion forward but DAY-UM those Milanese people don’t play! The locals and tourists BRING THE FASHION GAME like no other city in the world. I’ll blog my trip later this week because I’m working off of 5 hours of sleep, a sick kid and a coterie of sleeping pills and coffee (Read: My brain is working on 3 brain cells — if that). 

But let’s talk about coming home after any trip, shall we? From that first hot shower after a looong flight to kissing the kiddos to slipping into your own bed’s crisp sheets to checking in on the orchids blooming in your backyard — it’s sheer magic.

It’s good to be home.

Photos by Karla Garcia

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My CNN Segment!

April 13th, 2016

Look , ma! Look, Ava and Yiani (my kids)! Look, YOU! Yo, yo, yo… I’m on CNN. Someone pinch my Greek ass! Is this a dream? Um, no. CNN (yes, friggin’ CNN!) reached out to tape a segment on the power of blogging on the retail realm and they asked ME (yes, me!) to create the segment.


For once in my life, I’m nonplussed. Confounded! Thank you all for reading my blog and believing in me. Cheesy but true, this is a dream come true.

It’s also proof that right now there is unbelievable might in blogging and social media. We’re accessible. We’re real. We relate to the everyday woman/man. We’re a marketing tour de force. It’s true.

And for those of you still questioning if blogging/influencing is a “real job,” well, I hereby rest my case.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the wild ride. I’m also unequivocally (side note because I’m ADD: I feel like “unequivocally” is the most-used word in my daily lexicon — therefore my tombstone should read: “Unequivocally Dead”) flattered and humbled to be the lucky blogger (goooooo Miami!) chosen for this special piece — there are so many talents in this field and I’m just one among gazillions. I feel like the Little Blogger That Could.

Above all, this blog is a testament to the fact that when you embrace your inner weirdness, good things happen.

A big gracias each and every wonderful human being that collaborated with me on this special segment — I’m specifically talking to CNN’s Tomeka Jones & Mariana Hoysa, Capretto’s Jason Salstein, and the entire RAC team.

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