Don’t Mess With This Chic Greek

May 20th, 2015

Maria Tettamanti

{Lorie Lester dress, Tassel headband, Ramona La Rue belt}

Lorie Lester dress

tassel headband

Miami Fashion Blogger maria Tettamanti

the wordy girl

Gyros, Zeus, ouzo, the Olympics, philosophy, Mykonos, togas — this Greek girl loves all-things Hellenic (especially tzatziki sauce and chicken kebabs. And big fat Greek weddings). So this white draped dress by Miami-based designer Lorie Lester paired with 305-based headband brand Tassel and a Ramona La Rue belt has me feeling all Spartan warrior badass and stuff. LIKE, DON’T MESS WITH ME BECAUSE I WILL FUCK YOUR DAY UP. 

Honestly, clothes are empowering — much like a power suit one wears during interviews or important meetings with the Big Boys. And this entire ensemble has a decidedly goddess Athena feel to it. A little mythology lesson for you: Athena was the embodiment of wisdom, reason and purity. She was often symbolized as an owl — which is where the saying “wise as an owl” stems from. 

And that’s our Greek lesson for the day, pupils. Circling back to what I was saying earlier, this look taps into my inner Greek roots and I looooove that. 


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Sorry, Supermarket Runs. I’m breaking Up With you

May 19th, 2015


I’ll tell you what…this little piggy won’t be going to the market. Yes, for me, supermarket runs (which I average 2 to 3 per week because I can’t get it together in this arena) are right up there with waterboarding — absolute torture. Let’s just say that I’d rather get a bikini wax (no lie) rather than endure the parking situation, deli-wait situation, bagging my own groceries situation, loading the car in 99-degree weather situation and unloading the trunk situation which is all synonymous with the grueling grocery store run situation. 

Well, no more, Miami! Why? 

Instacart just launched in Miami TODAY (May 19th)! Yep, Instacart is an on-demand grocery service where you can get Whole Foods Market, Costco, Winn-Dixie, BJ’S Wholesale Club and Petco items delivered to your door in as little as one hour. And nope, no membership required for club warehouses. Customers order on the site, iPhone, or Android app and a shopper hand selects and delivers the order. And the service will continue to add stores and zones after opening. 

And I’ve got the hookup for you, kids. Click here for $10 off your first order and 1 month of free deliveries through Instacart Express.

 Cheers to having someone else shop for your groceries!

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It Girl? Why, Thank you very much!

May 14th, 2015

maria tettamanti

{Looking positively psycho a in Sachin + Babi dress (on sale!), Vince Camuto clutch and Aquazurra heels}

It Girl Event Miami

{Erin, Elysze, moi, Violet, Ginger & Milly}

ItGirls3{The crew with our Women’s Fund makeover winner — all in Vince Camuto!}

This blog has offered me some surreal experiences and weirdo commenters. For example, last week, I was absolutely humbled to be chosen as an IT Girl by stylist Elysze Held for a fashion event at Dadeland Mall. My friends Ginger, Erin and Violet were also handpicked by Elysze to model the latest Spring fashions with a philanthropic twist — we teamed up with the Women’s Fund (which improves the lives of women and girls through grants, education and advocacy) and gifted one lucky woman (pictured above) a head-to-toe dream makeover. Seeing the winner all dolled most definitely brought on the waterworks (I’m basically crying on an every-other-day basis this month — progress, people!). 

The fashion show portion of the evening was a BLAST (see my first picture for photographic proof). Giiiiirl, I werked that stage like Vanna White on the Wheel of Fortune. Pat Sajak would’ve been damn proud of my corny moves and larger-than-life hand gestures. 

But honestly, it was an honor to work alongside the Women’s Fund. When our makeover winner sauntered onto the stage, her happiness and confidence was infectious. Honestly, she was the IT girl of the evening. 


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Rockin’ In My Blue Suede Shoes

May 12th, 2015


{7 for all Mankind jeans, Aquazurra pumps, Essie‘s Stittin’ Pretty polish}


Forget red-sole Louboutins (they’re both masochistic and somewhat overplayed in the 305). The new IT shoe has a gold pineapple motif on the bottom and they’re by Aquazurra. The sweet husband bought me this turqouise suede pair (winning!) after our celebratory 12-year anniversary lunch at The Grill at Bal Harbour. Sordid confession: I strategically planned lunch at Bal Harbour Shops with the specific mission to “walk off lunch” afterward (AKA go shopping). I know, totally evil yet brilliant at the same time. You know you pull the same kind of shady shenanigans to your loved ones. Don’t lie now!

I recently had the honor of meeting the designer behind Aquazurra, Edgardo Osorio, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that new Shoe King is a Miamian by way of Colombia. How cool is that!? He now lives in Italy and divulged to me this fun fact (because fun facts are AWESOME): The pineapples on the bottom of his killer pumps are for good luck (he bears a pineapple tattoo on his wrist, too).

And that, loyal readers, is some insider-y news for you heel-aholics. 


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A Joie de Vivre Pep Talk

May 6th, 2015

maria tettamanti

{Missoni cardigan, Bikini c/o Aerie, Gucci sandals, Tory Burch fedora, Ray Ban sunnies}

miami fashion blogger


maria tettamanti

maria tettamanti

Like a true Miami girl, I basically live in bathing suits (thus the endless spray tans, Barry’s Bootcamp sweat fests, FlyWheel classes, Pilates sessions, salads and obsessing over my weight — I’m working on that bad habit!). On Fridays I take mental health days also know as “Fancy Friday” (I highly recommend joining the revolution) and hit either The Standard (pictured here) or Soho Beach House. Essentially, I’ll hustle really hard Monday through Thursday and get all my work done so I can just chill on Friyays.

I figured I’d snap some pics from one of my Fancy Fridays and share them with you all. I usually go with several close girlfriends where we’ll discuss everything from books to politics to the importance of silicon nipple guards to Bruce Jenner to Princess Charlotte to proper emoji use. You know, the really pressing issues in life.

For those of you who don’t work from home like moi and can’t finagle a half day off, I hope you take a little time for yourself at least once a week — it’s therapeutic and a great tool in grasping how to be present and just be.

For me, Fancy Fridays are synonymous with the philosophy behind the French term joie de vivre. It’s about the joy of conversation The joy of eating. The joy of friends. The joy of three (maybe four) glasses of Whispering Angel.

Here’s to the joy of living!


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