Space Invader Spotting

August 25th, 2012

{No one is safe from — insert pregnant pause here — Space Invader}

If you haven’t rented Exit Through the Gift Shop yet, well, get on it. We’ve got a tropical storm coming Monday so now is as good a time as any to catch up on those flicks you’ve been wanting to see. Anyhoo, the provocative film is about street artists such as Banksy, Space Invader, Mr. Brainwash (you will either love or hate this nefarious dude) and more. I developed a soft spot for all these crazy kids because let’s face it — creating illegal art in the dead of the night is ballsy as hell. They be fifty shades of cray.

And now for the meat and potatoes of this post: Space Invader is invading the lovely city of Miami this month and is documenting his shady antics for his next book. This means that you too can spot one of his ultra-pixelated arcade game mosaics by simply driving around the 305. I finally unearthed one today in the Design District on North Miami Ave. in the former home of Pasha’s. And yes, I did a little victory jig in my car to the tune of Pac-Man, natch. Have you spotted any Invaders?

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